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Die Domain zeigt (Stand: 21.08.2015) auf die IP Adresse und wird vermutlich in gehostet. Die IP wird höchstwahrscheinlich vom ISP verwaltet. Die DNS A Records lauten . Als Mailserver sind und als Nameserver im Einsatz!

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author: TerraSip S.A.
publisher: TerraSip
copyright: TerraSip S.A.
revisit: 7 days
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description: TerraSip, Mobile Voice over IP Community, SIP, WiFi, cheapest VoIP tariffs for 56 countries, apply online, free membership, 40 percent savings compared with Skype, no computer required
abstract: TerraSip is a VoWLAN VoIP Community that enables people from all over the world to talk to each other on the telephone for free! The number of people waking up to the benefits of TerraSip is growing everyday - and will grow even more quickly if everyone tells their friends, family and colleagues! TerraSip members talk to one another for as long as they like, whenever they like, for absolutely no charge, so make sure all your friends, family and business contacts join TerraSip! And when you just have to make calls to people who are not yet TerraSip members then TerraSip offers exceptional value calls to over 200 countries worldwide. TerraSip's goal is to make it possible for people of all countries to talk to each other at a tiny fraction of the cost of normal international calls. Soon with the exciting development of mobile VoIP telephony these low cost calls will even be possible via a mobile WiFi phone! Membership of the TerraSip VoIP Community is absolutely free. There is no joining fee, no yearly subscription and no cancellation fee. Sadly it is not possible to make calls to normal landline telephones and mobile telephones completely free of charge - but we do everything to make such calls as cheap as we can. When you want to make a call to someone who is not a TerraSip member you simply choose the tariff that saves you the most money. This will always be the tariff for that country or region to which you normally make the most calls. Selecting the correct tariff for you gives excellent savings compared to the Standard Price List thereby putting money straight back in your pocket! Make your calls to UK with our super discount Call UK tariff for an incredible value 0,0069 GBP, which is currently 0,01 ?. With the Call Europe tariff you can call 17 Western European countries for only 0,014 ?. With the Call America tariff you can call the continental USA and total Canada for an amazing 0,014 ?. Call 13 Asian countries with TerraSip's Call Asia tariff for only 0,014 ?. The Call Latin America tariff offers calls to 25 Latin American countries for only 0,014 ?. And to call 20 Eastern European countries the Call Eastern Europe tariff offers calls for the sensational price of only 0,02 ?. Call 14 Middle Eastern countries with TerraSip's Call Middle East tariff for only 0,02 ?. The Call Middle Asia tariff offers calls to 7 Middle Asian countries from only 0,01 ?. And to call 25 African countries the Call Africa tariff offers calls for the sensational price of from only 0,06 ?. Download TerraSip Phoner for free. Here is the software for free telephone calls simply click the Download button to start using your free TerraSip Phoner software. Follow the instructions on how to install - all you need is your Sipkey and password and you're ready to go! TerraSip Phoner is a small application program that has been written and designed to make it easy for you to make your calls directly via any computer running Windows. Once installed you can use TerraSip Phoner to talk to other TerraSip members wherever they may be worldwide, for as long as you like completely free of charge. If you want to call somebody who is not yet a TerraSip member then simply enter your contact's regular telephone number and start talking! Calling normal telephone numbers is not completely free of charge, but it is extremely affordable and excellent value compared to any other phone service. TerraSip Phoner is simple and easy to understand and use. You don't need any technical knowledge or special hardware other than a headset or speaker and microphone. Installation is very straightforward - just a few clicks of the mouse button and you can be making calls. Just let TerraSip Phoner do all the work! Though the TerraSip Phoner interface is very intuitive, should you not understand something you can always read the detailed instructions. You can begin using TerraSip Phoner immediately after installation and start making calls all over the world! Why not put a copy of TerraSip Phoner on your notebook? The application is freeware so you can keep as many copies as you like - and having TerraSip Phoner on your notebook means you have instant access to all your contacts wherever you are - your telephone and your personalised connection travels with you!
page-topic: Internet VoIP Mobile Telephony VoWLAN SIP free
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language: Deutsch

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